ISSA Singlehandeds Nationals

October 28-30, 2016

Boat: Laser/Radial

The Cressy

High School Singlehanded Championship

Sponsored by LaserPerformance

Hosted by Sea Scout Base Galveston

October 28-30, 2016


Morton Starr Cressy, Jr. was a 1927 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and an avid sailor. The Cressy Trophy was presented to the Naval Academy by his wife in his memory. The Cressy Trophy Regatta was originally a multi-division invitational high school regatta sailed in 420s and Lasers, hosted by USNA since 1979, sometimes in conjunction with the ISSA Mallory Trophy Regatta. The Deed of Gift was changed in 1985 to rededicate the Cressy Trophy as the National High School Singlehanded Championship trophy, sailed in Lasers. Since 1990, it has been recognized by the Interscholastic Yacht Racing Association, now the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA), as the ISSA National Singlehanded Championship. Competition now rotates annually among the several ISSA districts, in the Fall of the preceding calendar year.


Fleet District Sailor School
Laser MASSA Connor Bayless '17 Severn School
Laser MASSA Phillip Schofield '17 Broadneck High School
Laser MASSA Brendan Gilman '18 Red Bank Catholic High School
Laser MISSA Conrad (Cort) Vandlik '17 Minnetonka High School
Laser MISSA James Wagner '17 Walter Payton College Preparatory High School
Laser MISSA Alex Johnson '18 University Liggett School
Laser NESSA Henry Marshall '17 BB&N - Buckingham Browne and Nichols
Laser NESSA Ted Bjerregaard '18 St. George's School
Laser NESSA Max Guerriero '17 Portsmouth Abbey School
Laser NWISA    
Laser PCISA Cameron Feves '18 Long Beach Polytechnic HS
Laser PCISA Soenke Jordan '17 Westview High School
Laser PCISA Max Karmel '17 San Diego High School
Laser PCISA James Ozaki '19 Point Loma High School
Laser SAISA Chase Burwell '17 Osceola Fundamental High School
Laser SAISA Paul Lobree '18 Ransom Everglades School
Laser SAISA Stephen Streater '19 Fort Lauderdale High School
Laser SEISA Thomas Ford McCann '18 Episcopal High School
Radial MASSA Leo Boucher '18 South River High School
Radial MASSA Jake Vickers '18 Archbishop Spalding
Radial MASSA Michael Ehnot '18 Christian Brothers Academy
Radial MISSA Carly Broussard '17 Kentucky Country Day School
Radial MISSA Samuel Bartel '18 Orono High School
Radial MISSA Christian Spencer '18 Kettle Moraine High School
Radial NESSA Jack Parkin '17 Brunswick School
Radial NESSA Alex Fasolo '18 St. George's School
Radial NESSA Nicholas Stefanoni '17 The Hotchkiss School
Radial NWISA Talia Toland '17 The Overlake School
Radial PCISA Marcus Huttunen '20 Point Loma High School
Radial PCISA Lucas Pierce '17 Santa Barbara High School
Radial PCISA Caden Scheiblauer '19 Santa Barbara High School
Radial PCISA Ansgar Jordan '18 Westview High School
Radial SAISA Sophia Reineke '17 St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Radial SAISA Kyle Dochoda '17 Shorecrest Preparatory School
Radial SAISA Chase Carraway '18 Cape Fear Academy
Radial SEISA Kanttida (Charlotte) Rose '18 Westside High School